The Seoul ADEX Office strives to comply with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., and the Personal Information Protection Act. Disputes that could not be settled through mutual understanding shall fall under the jurisdiction of a court in the Republic of Korea. The Privacy Policy shall be provided in Korean and English on each website. Both the Korean version and the English version of the Privacy Policy shall be equally effective. However, the Korean version will take precedence in the event where there are disagreements over interpretation.

  • Clause 1 (Purpose of Processing Personal Information)
  • ① Seoul ADEX Office processes personal information for the following purposes. The personal information processed is not used for any other purposes other than the following purposes specified below, and we will take necessary measures when any change occurs in the purpose of use, such as obtaining additional consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

    ② The purpose of processing personal information files registered and disclosed by the Seoul ADEX Office pursuant to Article 32 of the Personal Information Protection Act is as follows.

     -  Items of personal information recorded : Name, Company name, Job title, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport number, Mobile number, Email address, Picture, and etc.

     -  Purpose of handling : Making and issuing of exhibition badges.

     -  legal basis for collection : Consent of a data subject.

  • Clause 2 (Period of Processing and Retaining Personal Information)
  • ① The Seoul ADEX Office processes and retains personal information for the duration provided for by relevant statutes for the retention and use of personal information or the period to which each data subject consents when personal information is collected.

    ② The period during which personal information is processed and retained : 2years from the end of exhibition.

  • Clause 3 (Entrustment of Personal Information Processing)
  • ① According to Article 26 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Seoul ADEX Office shall outline responsibilities regarding prevention of use of personal information for any other purpose than performing outsourced work, technical/administrative protection measures, restrictions on re-consignment, management/supervision of the trustees(official contractors), and compensation for damages, etc. in documents such as contracts, and shall perform supervision to ensure that the trustee processes personal information safely.

    ② If the details of the entrusted work or the trustee change, we will disclose such information through this personal information processing policy.

  • Clause 4 (Rights and Obligations of the Data Subjects of Information and Legal Representative; Exercise of Right and Performance of Obligation)
  • ① The subject of information may exercise his or her right to access/correct/delete/suspend personal information at any time to the Seoul ADEX Office.

    ② The exercising of rights pursuant to paragraph 1 may be performed in writing, e-mail, fax, etc. to the Seoul ADEX Office in accordance with Article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act, and Seoul ADEX Office shall take relevant action promptly.

    ③ A data subject may exercise the rights provided in paragraph 1 through an agent, including a legal representative and a power of attorney.

    ④ Where a data subject requests permission to inspect one’s personal information or suspension of processing personal information, such subject’s rights may be limited in the following cases under Article 35 (4) or Article 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act.

    ⑤ Request for correction and deletion of personal information cannot be requested if the personal information is specified as an object of collection in other Acts.>

    ⑥ The Seoul ADEX Office verifies whether the person who has made a request for access, a request for correction or deletion, or a request for access at the time of request for suspension of processing, etc. in accordance with the rights of the information subject, is in fact the subject of information or a lawful representative.

  • Clause 5 (Personal Information Items to be Processed)
  • ① The Seoul ADEX Office collects and retains the following items of personal information.

      (1) Application

       - Required items: Name, Company name, Job title, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport number, Mobile, Email, Picture

      (2) In the course of using the online service, the following personal information items may be automatically generated and collected. (Where there are personal information items that are automatically created and collected)

       - IP address, cookies, MAC address, service use records, visit record, inappropriate use records, etc.

  • Clause 6 (Destruction of Personal Information)
  • ① Seoul ADEX Office destroys personal information immediately after the period of retaining personal information ends or the purposes of processing personal information are attained.

    ② In the case that personal information must be retained in accordance with other laws and regulations despite the expiration of the personal information retention period agreed by the subject of information or the purpose of processing, the personal information (or personal information file) is transferred to a separate database or stored in a different storage location.

    ③ The procedure and method of destruction of personal information are as follows.

      (1) Destruction procedure

       - The Seoul ADEX Office establishes and destroys personal information destruction plans for personal information (or personal information files) that must be destroyed. The Seoul ADEX Office selects the personal information (or personal information file) for which the reason for destruction has occurred, and destroys the personal information (or personal information file) with the approval of the Personal Information Protection Officer of the Seoul ADEX Office.

      (2) Method of destruction

       - The Seoul ADEX Office destroys personal information recorded and stored in the form of electronic files so that the records cannot be reproduced, and personal information recorded and stored in paper documents is destroyed by ways of shredding or incineration.

  • Clause 7 (Measures to Ensure the Safety of Personal Information)
  • ① The Seoul ADEX Office takes the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.

       (1) Administrative measures : Establishment and implementation of internal management plans, regular employee training, etc.

       (2) Technical measures : Management of access rights such as access to the personal information processing system, installation of an access control system, encryption of identifiable information, and installation of security programs

       (3) Physical measures : Control of access to the computer room, data storage room, etc.

  • Clause 8 (Installation, Operation and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection Devices)
  • ① The Seoul ADEX Office uses 'cookie' that store and retrieve usage information from time to time to provide personalized services to users.

    ② An HTTP cookie is a small piece of data that a server uses to operate a website that is sent to the web browser of a user’s personal computer which may store it on a hard drive.

       (1) Purpose of use of cookies: Cookies are used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the types of visits and usage, popular search terms, secure access, etc. for each service and website visited by users.

       (2) Refusal of installation and operation of cookies: You can refuse to store cookies by setting options in the Tools > Internet Options > Personal Information menu at the top of your web browser.

       (3) If you refuse to store cookies, you may experience difficulties in using customized services.

  • Clause 9 (Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection)
  • ① The Seoul ADEX Office is in charge of processing personal information, and designates the following person in charge of personal information protection to handle complaints and remedy damages related to the processing of personal information.

       ▶ Person who is in charge of Personal Information Protection

       - Name : Privacy Officer

       - Contact - Phone : +82 2 761 1105 / Email : / Fax : +82 2 761 1544

    ② The subject of information can inquire to the person in charge of personal information protection, handling of complaints, damage relief, etc., arising from the use of the service of the Seoul ADEX Office. The Seoul ADEX Office will respond to and handle inquiries from subjects of information.